Kristin Wenzel | Project Template Bucharest

Template is an artists initiative and exhibition project running in Bucharest in 2018.

The project focuses on activating various unused architectural structures located throughout the city by rendering them as temporary, scaled-down exhibition sites.

Template invites and supports contemporary artists in producing site-specific work that is reflective of the physical, historical and/or economical features of each structure within its given context. The program pairs artists with a distinct architectural structure per exhibition, each time in a new location that allows 24/7 visibility during the course of one week.

Template is co-founded by Kristin Wenzel (DE), Vlad Brăteanu (RO), Alice Gancevici & Remus Pușcariu (RO).

This artists initiative, stemming from an ongoing collaborative research into contemporary art in relation to public space and architecture, aims to prompt alternate functions and readings of Bucharest’s generic street-level backdrop, a scenery often left barren if not co-opted by neoliberal reasoning.

The project Template has been funded by and implemented within the framework of MitOst e.V.

Template is the winner of the competition kultur-im-dialog 2018, a project by MitOst e.V. and the Schering Stiftung.